The Power of 3 Way Calls in Network Marketing

Hello friends. Are you harnessing the power of 3 way calls in network marketing? Three way calling in network marketing is going to help your business tremendously. You must use it right and you use it often. We spent a lot of time contacting prospects showing them our business. Often times ignore one of the best assets we have in the business (our sponsor) and three way calling. Here is a short video explaining the importance of three way calling in your business. take this advice, run with it and watch your business explode.

ABCs of 3 Way Calling in MLM


 3 Way Calls in Network Marketing 

It is important to know how to make a 3-way call. Therefore we added a few how to videos below. One of the biggest mistakes Network marketers have been known to make is not hanging up the other line. Continuing to talk with their sponsor, leaving a voicemail of that conversation on the prospects voicemail. So learn how to use the 3 way calling feature on your phone correctly and use the power of connecting with your sponsor on a 3-way call to validate your business and sponsor more people in your network marketing company.

3 Way Calls with IPhones

With just about everybody having a smartphone today it is very simple to make 3-way calls. if you have an iPhone and are not sure how three way call me works watch this short video which will explain the houses of three way calling on the iPhone.

3 Way Calling with a Samsung Phone

Are you using a Samsung or Android phone to make 3-way calls? here is the quick video detailing how to do a three way call using a Samsung phone. If you are using any other phone and are not sure how to use it for 3 way calling please contact your phone carrier.

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