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How Facebook and Instagram can help!

Hey guys, this is Bill Simms and I want to talk to you today about  social media marketing tips on Instagram. This is also great for social media marketing tips for Facebook as well. If you’re building a business on social media or you want to build a business on social media this is a huge tip that could help to increase your business and connections on social media.

The Instagram Facebook Marriage

If you are on Instagram and have the Instagram app installed on your phone, Facebook will message you to let you know that your friends are on Instagram. If you are not getting these message daily from Facebook, it may be because you are not adding 5-10 new friends on Facebook every day as recommended. Yes, you guessed it, Facebook recently bought out Instagram.

This is huge. Now you have a chance to grow your Instagram Network as well as your friends on Facebook. Once you get that message that your friend is on Instagram, you want to open that message up and you’ll immediately go to that page on Instagram where you can follow your Facebook friend on Instagram.

Communicate with Facebook Messenger

Once you have followed your Facebook friend on Instagram, you want to hop over to Facebook and use Facebook Messenger to  message your  friend to let them know that you just followed them on Instagram and suggest that they follow you back. You just opened up the lines of communication.

Now with any communication that you have on social media, if you’re building your business you always want to end the communication with a question. You don’t want yes or no answers. So you want the phrase your questions to where your friend on Facebook is going to communicate with you and answer your question with more than a yes or a no.

Some of the best words that you can use to elicit a response other than yes or no are why, how, when and what. For example…. What is it that you do for a living?  What do you Market online? How are you making money on the internet?

Facebook has just done you a huge favor by letting you know that your friend is on Instagram. Building relationships is what social media is all about and you’ve done your friend a great favor by following them. Now don’t you think that they’re going to appreciate you for that and follow you back on Instagram. Messaging them on Facebook after you have followed them on Instagram is a great way to open Communications with your new Facebook friends. It is also a great way to get them to visit you Facebook profile and when they do this the chances of your posts showing up on their newsfeed just went  up dramatically. You just increased your reach on Facebook

So here are a few examples of how you can contact your Facebook friends once you have started following them on Instagram.

Hi Mary,
I recently added started following you on Instagram. If you like you
can follow me back at
BTW I am curious, what do you do for a the living?

Hi Joe,

Hey I just started following you on Instagram. I hope you can appreciate that. if you’d like to follow me back my Instagram address is Anyway I was wondering what do you sell on the internet?

Hi Terry,

Hey it’s Bill Simms and I just wanted to let you know that I started following you on Instagram as well. can you do me a favor to and follow me back?  What is it that you do up in Chicago?

So start using this method to grow your social media accounts online. If you found this tip useful interesting and would like to see more tips like this go ahead and comment below and subscribe to my newsletter to the right of the page

Thank you,
Bill Simms

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